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Registered Charity No: 1121062

“My two housemates are great, me and Phillipe knew each other before we lived together and we both met Karl before the house was even finished.  I like that we are treated equally so one get’s left out of anything. If I am upset I can talk to my Key Worker who helps with any problems I may have”

MM – Service User


"I am happy with all the staff who help me at Coquet Trust.  The staff take me shopping and to Norham College and to church on Sunday. Bev and Gayle came with me on my holiday. I had a good time”

AB – Service User


“I really enjoyed working with Mark Veater and the Coquet Trust team during the “Much More to Life than Services” project. Coquet Trust has enablers who really understand that lives worth living are based upon relationships, reciprocity, contribution and engagement; and are prepared to be catalysts and manage the inevitable associated risks. People supported by the folk I met enjoy the possibility of citizenship. This, unfortunately, remains a rare prospect for too many people with disabilities.”

Bob Rhodes. LivesthroughFriends


"I wish all care organisations were as committed to their clients as Coquet Trust.  You really do put your clients first and you definitely set the standard!"

Community Advocacy Co-ordinator, CVS Newcastle


“The changes in Karl since Coquet Trust started to support him are just phenomenal.  He’s opened up as a person, not just leaps and bounds but chasms. He’s much more independent and his social circle is widening every day.”

Kath Bennett – Grandmother of Service User